Pandora Charms and Bracelets - Each season’s charms bring new life to the beautiful existing selection, and there is always a precious piece to suit any personal style or occasion.


Take a moment to tell a story. That is what a PANDORA charm bracelet is all about. The bracelet lets women tell their own unique stories, and is the ultimate representation of a truly personal range of jewellery.

The bracelet, made of 14k gold or sterling silver, holds personally selected charms in both silver and gold – there are more than 900 in the PANDORA universe to choose from – with a generous variety of gemstones, pearl, enamel, wood or Murano glass.

The lovely pieces may include a charm with a brilliant gem, or be in the shape of a chubby teddy bear, an angel, or a simple heart, among so many others. The charms can be mixed and matched to create a lasting symbol of life’s unforgettable moments, and the combinations are always personal and distinctive.

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