Changes to Standard Instrument Departure procedures (SIDs) for Runway 15.

Birmingham Airport is running a six month airspace change trial to monitor and obtain further information in a live environment to support its existing Airspace Change Process.

The Airspace Change Process will lead to a new departure flight path to the south of the Airport as a result of the runway extension development. The trial will help to understand the actual impact of two viable flight paths – known locally as Option 5 and Option 6 - rather than theoretical modeling and provide a real life case study to support the submission.

Please see below a timetable for the trial:


Option 5


Option 6


Option 5


Option 6


Option 5


Option 6









A map of the two trial routes can be found here.

Frequently asked questions about the trial can be found here.



Following the closure of this airspace change consultation on 17th May 2013, the Airport Company has published its post consultation report which considers the comments raised by stakeholders and members of the local community, during the consultation period. 
A supplementary report, ‘Deciding between Options 5 and 6’ has also been published outlining the preferred flight path option for aircraft taking-off to the south.
The formal proposal is now being considered by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). 

Available documentation:

Post consultation report SIDs
Deciding between Options 5 and 6
Proposed flight paths submitted to CAA
Proposed flight paths submitted to CAA Google Earth file
Proposed flight paths submitted to CAA_Non R-NAV

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