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Noise Monitoring

Birmingham Airport has long recognised that noise is a consequence of our operations. Over the years we have developed a comprehensive noise management programme to minimise disturbance to our local neighbours.

Birmingham Airport is committed to meeting air travel needs in an environmentally responsible way. In this way the region benefits economically and socially from a successful airport, while the environmental impact is minimised. We work with our partners and the community to try to achieve this balance. Birmingham Airport's objective for managing aircraft noise is:

To work with our stakeholders, including the local community and industry partners to adopt the best practicable means to assess, manage and minimse the impact of aircraft noise, both now and in the future.  

Our Noise Action Plan  is a 5 year strategy setting out a series of actions and targets to assess, manage and where possible improve the noise climate around the Airport.

These policies are summarised in more detail in our Aircraft Noise Management Booklet. To help understand the reasons why aircraft may be seen in your vicinity, we have also produced an Arriving and Departing Aircraft, Policies and Procedure document. This details the policies and procedures relating to aircraft arriving and departing at Birmingham Airport. You can view more documents and maps, including our noise preferential routes and noise contours, at our information hub.

Understanding the concerns of our local community is important to us. We aim to give members of the public who wish to complain about aircraft noise or related issues an informative, responsive and friendly service. To make a complaint please refer to the Noise Complaints section on our website.

Our current noise action plan has been built from a history of voluntary mitigation measures. These measures have been developed over many years with some also featuring in our Section 106 Planning Agreement with Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council.

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