Here’s where we cover the basics, so you can decide whether a visit to Flight School is what you’re looking for.

Will Flight School be suitable for my students?
We think so. The Airport offers an exciting and dynamic environment that makes it the perfect tool for encouraging and stimulating learning in all ages. With more than 6000 staff working in hundreds of different jobs, the Airport offers great potential for investigating business and the world of work. Flight School also provides students with exciting ways to explore STEM, English, modern languages and much more besides. In fact, we think the only factor that limits which area of the curriculum can be brought to life at Flight School is a teacher’s imagination!

Is Flight School appropriate for students with Special Needs?
Yes. Flight School and the terminal buildings provide a safe, controlled and welcoming environment for groups with a broad spectrum of special needs. There is plenty of room and all areas are accessible by ramps or lifts and our staff are always willing to offer any help you may need.

Can I bring a Youth Group such as Scouts or Guides?
Yes. However, you should be aware that Flight School is not open outside school hours or at weekends. It is available on weekdays during school holidays.

How many students can we bring?
Flight School can accommodate a maximum of 30 students on any one visit. If you wish to bring more than 30 students, you’ll need to make an additional booking for another time.

Can we bring more than 30 students, but split the group between Flight School and the terminal?
Regrettably, no. There is every likelihood that the Primary Zone in Flight School will be occupied by another group during your visit. Potentially this means up to 60 students in the terminal at the same time. We have to consider the needs of airport users and must insist on the maximum limit of 30 students per group, per day.

Where can we go while we’re at the Airport?
You have access to all outside public spaces and to all landside public areas within the terminal, including concourses and check-in desks, retail and catering areas and, of course, Flight School itself. We’ll send you maps to help you find your way round when you book.

It’s worth noting that security restrictions prohibit access to airside areas and this means that there is no possibility of students getting on board an aircraft, or visiting Air Traffic Control.

When can we visit Flight School?
Flight School is open Monday to Friday, throughout the year, from 09:00 to 17:00.

How long would a visit take?
As a minimum, we’d suggest 90 minutes, but a well-planned visit, taking in some of the activities to be found within Flight School and in the Resource Library, could easily fill a full day with an arrival time of around 10:00 and departing around 14:00. However, the choice is yours; you can spend as little or as much time in Flight School as you wish.

Do we have to book?
Yes. Booking is absolutely essential. You cannot gain access to Flight School without having booked in advance.

Can we visit at short notice?
Sorry, but no. Bookings must be made a minimum of two weeks in advance of the date you propose to visit.

Will there be anyone to show us around the Airport?
No. A visit to Flight School is conducted under your own supervision – but don’t worry; we’ve made the process very easy. We will supply you with all the information you need to make your visit run smoothly and to enable your students to get the most out of their visit.

Can you supply a Risk Assessment?
Yes. When you book we will send you a generic Risk Assessment. You’ll still need to adapt this to your own needs, but it identifies the main potential hazards when visiting the Airport and how these are addressed.

Will we be sharing Flight School with the general public?
No. Flight School is exclusively for the use of organised educational parties. This provides a safe and secure environment for students while inside the facility.

Can we bring packed lunches?
Yes. Flight School has dedicated areas where your students can eat their own food. Alternatively, there are catering outlets in the terminal in which you can buy food and drinks.

What’s the best way to travel to the Airport?
You can travel by coach or minibus – we provide free parking for both, if required. Or you might consider using public transport – in fact, we encourage you to do so. The Airport is served by a number of bus routes and is easily accessible by rail, via Birmingham International Station, which is just a two-minute free journey from the terminal via the Air-Rail Link. We’ll provide a comprehensive guide to accessing the Airport when we confirm your booking.

Do you have any materials to support our visit?
Yes. Check out the Resource Library for facts, statistics and background material, together with ideas for activities and more in-depth projects. We’ll be adding to the library as Flight School develops and we want teachers to let us know how they have used the facility so we can share good ideas with everyone.

And what does it cost?
Nothing. We want Flight School to be accessible to all, and so we make no charge for visiting or for coach parking.

Got a question we haven’t answered?
Don’t worry – we’ll provide detailed information when you make a booking. We’re confident it will cover everything you need to know, but in any case there is space on the booking form for any questions you may have. At this stage, we hope we’ve provided enough information for you to want to bring your students to Flight School. If we have, please go to Step Two - Lead Teacher

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