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We are always seeking new ways to communicate our programmes and information resources and in 2010, we made available our data on Google Earth.  By using Google Earth, we are allowing key environmental information to be viewed in ways that were not previously possible and in ways that will give you a better insight into our environmental programmes.

In order to view our environmental information, you will need to first have Google Earth ( installed on your PC.  The use of Google Earth is subject to the Google Terms of Service.  Please note that Birmingham Airport does not provide the Google Earth software and is not responsible for its content or operation. 

You can then download our KMZ file, which can then be loaded into Google Earth.  Within each layer, there is a web link, which will take you to the associated section of our website, where you can find out more about our environmental programmes.

We believe that providing our data on Google Earth demonstrates our commitment to open and transparent communication.  Over time, we will update and review the content of our Google Earth layers.  If you want to be notified of any future update, or you want to give us any feedback, then please email us on: 

The data provided by Birmingham Airport should be treated as indicative and we cannot be held liable for its accuracy.  The data provided by Birmingham Airport is for personal use only and is not to be used or distributed for any other purpose, business or otherwise, without the permission of Birmingham Airport.

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