17 December 2013


The Davies Commission report has acknowledged Birmingham Airport’s long-term vision and affirmed the importance of the Airport in the UK’s long-term aviation strategy.

The Davies Commission made key points that will support the future growth of the Airport:-

• Potential building for a second-runway as a long-term option.
• Rejection of a dominant hub-airport model as the only answer for Britain’s aviation needs.
• Making the most of Birmingham’s capacity in the medium-term.
• The impact of HS2 on the airport’s future development.

Commenting on the report Paul Kehoe, CEO of Birmingham Airport, said: “Our hard work has paid off. Birmingham Airport has today been recognised as an integral piece of the long-term aviation puzzle and many of the recommendations we have made are included in this report.  

"We will continue to work alongside our stakeholders to ensure Birmingham Airport delivers for local businesses, passengers and the economy.”

“However, the report is long on tomorrow and short on today. The crisis is emerging and, whatever the long-term solution, the Commission has recognised that Birmingham Airport can provide capacity now.

However, concerns remain that the report does not address the whole British economy.

“Despite the stated remit of the Commission to take a “UK wide perspective”, the Interim Report focuses disproportionately on the South East further entrenching the dominance of the South East economy to the detriment of the growth of the rest of the UK.”

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