Noise Action

Noise Action

Birmingham Airport has long recognised that noise is a consequence of our operations. Over the years we have developed a comprehensive noise management programme to minimise disturbance to our local neighbours.

Our objective for managing aircraft noise is:

To work with our stakeholders, including the local community and industry partners to adopt the best practicable means to assess, manage and minimise the impact of aircraft noise, both now and in the future.

Measuring our impact is one of the key themes of our Noise Action Plan.   Please find the latest forecast noise contours, which have been produced in line with the latest Department for Transport (DfT) passenger forecasts below.  For Runway 15 the contours have been modelled for both flight path Options i.e. Option 5 and 6 separately due to the ongoing airspace change trial.

2014 Summer Noise Contours with Option 5

2014 Summer Noise Contours with Option 6

2022 Summer Noise Contours with Option 5

2022 Summer Noise Contours with Option 6

Our Noise Action Plan is a 5 year strategy setting out a series of actions and targets to assess, manage and where possible improve the noise climate around the Airport.  

To help understand the reasons why aircraft may be seen in your vicinity, please review BHX Operations section, which aims to explain the procedures for operations at Birmingham Airport, including details of the policies and procedures relating to aircraft taking off and landing at the Airport. 

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