Operational Procedures

Airport operations are complex and each airport has procedures and policies that are unique to the environment and communities that neighbour that airfield. In acknowledgement of this we have produced a range of publications and relevant data to help in understanding how Birmingham Airport operates. There are links here to a substantial amount of information, so please scroll down to ensure you find what you’re looking for. If this is the first time you have looked at this information, we suggest the ‘Policies and Procedures for arriving and departing aircraft' document is the best place to start.


Policies and Procedures for Arriving and Departing Aircraft explains the procedures used by aircraft operating at Birmingham, including sample maps showing arrival and departure routes.

Ground Operations covers the different types of ground noise experienced in communities adjacent to the Airport and how we work to reduce and mitigate their impact.

Aviation Deposits and Odours addresses the perception that aircraft dump fuel or other materials into the air.




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