WebTrak is a web-based flight-tracking platform that enables you to view aircraft operations at Birmingham Airport. This platform provides general information about flights, including their tracks, altitudes, origin/destinations, operating airlines and aircraft types.

WebTrak is highly accurate, using the same radar feed as our Air Traffic Control to make it easy for users to identify and investigate operations in their vicinity. Its interactive interface allows users to pinpoint their location and understand the positioning of aircraft relative to it.

There is also an option to toggle-on our Noise Preferential Route overlay which, combined with comprehensive altitude data, gives users the ability to examine the track-keeping of individual aircraft. Should you want to contact us in reference to a specific aircraft, when hovering over a specific aircraft, Webtrak provides a quick link to our complaints form.

It is recommended that you use WebTrak in conjunction with reading our Operational Procedures guides, in order to understand our wider operations and Noise Preferential Route requirements in further detail. You can find these documents here.

For further details on how we are working to engage, measure and mitigate the impact of aircraft noise, please click here to read our Noise Action Plan.

WebTrak allows users to view data both historically and in near-real time, and can be launched via this link. If you have any questions or feedback whilst using WebTrak, in relation to it's functions and usability, please contact us at: [email protected].

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