The Committee’s aim is to provide an effective forum to:

  • Foster communication and build understanding between the airport and its users, local residents and the business community.
  • Stimulate the interest of the local population in the development of the aerodrome.
  • Consider and comment upon the impacts of the airport’s administration, operation and development in relation to the environment, surface access issues associated with the airport, employment, the local, regional and national economy and the circumstances of local communities and their residents.
  • Protect and enhance the interests of users of the airport, particularly those of passengers.
  • Consider and, if appropriate, comment upon any factual and consultative reports, from Governmental and other sources that are material to the future character, operation and development of the airport.
  • Monitor compliance with the Airport’s Planning Obligations.
  • Consider any other matter concerning the management or administration of the Airport which affects the interests of:
    • The Local Community
    • West Midlands Local Authorities
    • The Regional Business Community
    • The Aviation Industry
    • Airport users

The press and public shall not normally be admitted to any meeting unless the Committee has resolved to open the meeting to the press and public. Other persons shall normally only attend meetings by invitation of the Committee.

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