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Flight Path Changes - North (Runway33) Response Form

Response Form

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Question 1: Which flightpath affects where you live?

Please choose all that apply. If you are unsure, please view the proposed routes here

Question 2: Are you supportive of the proposals put forward by Birmingham Airport?

Question 3: Having read the consultation document, are you persuaded that the proposals would:

A: Address the issue of future airspace constraints?
B: Aid regional growth and connectivity?
C: As far as is possible, limit changes to the impact of aircraft noise?
D: Improve aircraft track-keeping?
E: As far as is possible, limit the impact on tranquillity and visual intrusion?

Question 4: How did you find out about this consultation?

Question 5: Do you feel the proposals have been adequately explained?

Question 6: Do you have any general comments or observations, or do you think we have missed or overlooked anything in relation to the proposal?

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