Sustainability Strategy

Sustainability Strategy

Our Sustainability Strategy outlines recent achievements and future aims, to ensure we remain a responsible neighbour and reduce our environmental impact. It has been developed around the theme of 'Commitment, Investment and Progress' and outlines the airport’s vision to maximise the economic and social benefits we bring to our region while reducing our impact on our neighbours and the global environment.  Our strategy sets out a robust commitment towards a sustainable future for the airport over the next five years. It adopts the principle of ‘think global, act local’ and features our commitment to become a net zero carbon airport by the year 2033, prioritising zero carbon airport operations and minimising carbon offsets.  On this page, you can find the supporting policies and plans which underpin the strategy and the Sustainability Strategy document itself, which details our actions and future plans in the following areas

Climate Change Mitigation

Climate Change Adaptation

Local Air Quality

Waste, Supply Chain & the Circular Economy




Community Investment & Wellbeing

Economic Development & Employment

Sustainability Strategy

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Supporting Policies & Plans

More Information
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