Advertising with us

Advertising with us

Birmingham Airport offers exciting advertising and sponsorship opportunities across the airport terminal building.

We work with specialist media partner Global for on-airport advertising who can help you devise the right advertising campaign for your brand.

Global is a new, progressive, digital-centric out of home advertising business. Focusing on major airports and their valuable audiences, Global provides a best-in-class sales and marketing approach to deliver innovative advertising solutions that best match the premium airport environment. 

Birmingham Airport is an inspiring place for any advertising campaign. Not only does it provide extraordinary and unique opportunities for brand communications, our passengers are a captive leisure audience with an exceptionally high percentage of the ABC1 socio-economic group. Airport travellers have a uniquely receptive mindset, and rather than ten seconds to create a relationship with them, you have around two hours. 

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For more information about advertising at Birmingham Airport, please visit 

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