Crane/Tall Construction Equipment Operations

As with any tall object, the presence of a single crane or number of cranes has the potential to affect aviation activities.

Any crane, lifting equipment or tall construction equipment within 6 kilometres of Birmingham Airport and extending to a height of more than 10 metres above ground level (AGL); or extending above the height of surrounding structure or trees requires prior approval from Birmingham Airport Limited (BAL).

Potential operators should be aware that if crane operations are observed to occur without prior consultation Birmingham Airport may demand suspension of the operation pending safeguarding assessment.

Crane operators are reminded that the Air Navigation Order makes it a criminal offence to act recklessly or negligently in a manner likely to endanger aircraft.

Approval Process

Anyone who wishes to operate cranes or other tall equipment within 6 kilometres of the Aerodrome boundary and at heights of more than 10m Above Ground Level (AGL) or that of surrounding trees or structures must receive prior permission from BAL.

Click here to apply for a crane permit.

  • Birmingham Airport will evaluate the information and communicate the approval in writing to the applicant as soon as possible.
  • Using the information, you have provided in the form, Birmingham Airport will carry out a technical assessment of the crane. Should the crane require an Instrument Flight Procedure (IFP) or RADAR assessment this must be conducted by a UK CAA Approved Procedure Design Organisation (APDO), this will be at cost to the developer and will be advised during the application stage.
  • Should the crane pass our technical assessment Birmingham Airport will issue a signed permit, or alternatively a justification will be provided if the crane fails to meet our safety criteria.

All applications will be dealt with during office hours. Should you not receive an update on your application, please contact Airfield Operations

Aerodrome Safeguarding Officer (0121 767 7075 | 07966 255494) - [email protected]

Airfield Duty Manager (0121 767 7139 | 07798 675520) - [email protected]

Further guidance

CAP 1096 - click here

AOA Advice Note - click here

If you have any queries or require further information, please contact [email protected]


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