Procurement at Birmingham Airport focuses on the minimisation of commercial risk and the achievement of best value for money.

The department manages all procurement relating to the provision of goods, services and undertaking of works contracts whilst ensuring compliance with EU Procurement Directives.


In undertaking its Procurement, the Airport seeks to ensure it is socially, economically and environmentally responsible.

It is a requirement that Companies, in seeking to trade with the Airport have taken the necessary measures to ensure compliance with the Modern Slavery Act 2015.  In trading with the Airport, the Contractor confirms that their organisation and supply chain are slavery free and they have read and agreed to abide by the Airport’s Slavery and Human Trafficking Policy Statement

Equally any Company in seeking to trade with the Airport undertakes it will not engage in any activity, practice or conduct which would constitute an offence under the Bribery Act 2010 and that all necessary measures are taken to ensure compliance with the Anti-Bribery requirements.

Terms of Contract

The Airport has adopted a range of contract terms, each of which will be utilised in accordance with the nature of the requirement.  Each set of terms is common to each operation business entity – Birmingham Airport Limited (BAL), Birmingham Airport Fire and Rescue (BHXFR) and Birmingham Airport Services Limited (BASL).

Any company seeking to work with the Airport will be expected to work to the appropriate terms.

Terms of Contract Short Form - Services

Terms of Contract Short Form - Goods

Consultancy - NEC3 Professional Services Contract or Professional Services Short Contract, as appropriate

Where the procurement is undertaken through a tender process and/or is of a more specialist, complex or high value nature the Airport will rely upon Model Forms of Contract e.g. NEC, MF2 etc which will be modified in accordance with the requirement. Utilisation of a model form, as opposed to the Airports Standard Terms would be communicated within the procurement process.

Supplier Approval

The Airport does not maintain a Qualified List of Companies, however it does operate a Supplier Approval process.

This process requires respondents in a tender to demonstrate they can satisfy various Health and Safety, Insurance and Security criteria.  This will be specific to each requirement and will form part of the evaluation process in selecting the successful company.   

OJEU Compliance

The Airport is classed as a Utility and therefore acts in accordance with and ensures compliance to the Utilities Procurement Directive.  Procurement opportunities are published via Achilles in the OJEU and PQQ/Tender responses are made through In-tend.  


How do I introduce my company to Birmingham Airport?

As general practice, the Procurement Team will not meet with prospective companies unless the Airport has an imminent relevant requirement.

Should you wish to forward details of your companies capabilities to the Airport you can submit details of the nature of service provision which must be accompanied with supporting case studies of other Clients to [email protected].  A response will sent acknowledging your email if it is an area of interest which we wish to pursue.


Do you maintain a Supplier Approval/Qualified List?

The Airport does not operate an approval list.

Any company that the Airport is looking to award work to following a procurement exercise will however have to go through an approval process relating to Health and Safety, Insurance and Security.   Details relating to these pre-requisites are provided in the procurement process from the retrospective departments as in some instances they can be requirement specific.


How does the Airport source companies to invite to tender?

The Airport will review the marketplace through various search tools – the internet, trade exhibitions, conventions and liaison with other Airports and Businesses.

Inclusion on tender exercises is through invitation only.

Opportunities of high value or specialised in nature will be advertised through the OJEU.


How do I submit a PQQ or Tender?

The Airport utilises the EProcurement tool In-tend.  We do not source companies through this tool, but use it with respect to tender and contract management.

All responses to a PQQ or tender are to be submitted through the In-tend portal.

Instructions on downloading a PQQ you are interested in can be found here.

Inclusion on to a tender list is through invitation only (unless an Open Procedure has been followed through OJEU).


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