Draft Master Plan 2018

Draft Master Plan 2018

The Airport has grown by around 40% over the last 5 years to around 13 million passengers per year. This growth has strained the capacity of our facilities and led to inconsistent levels of customer service. The main focus of the master plan is on the 15 years to 2033 when we expect to be handing around 18 million passengers. To meet this rising demand, we plan to invest around 500 million to expand and improve the Airport, to transform the experience for our passengers and to improve the efficiency for our Airlines and partners. 

To learn more about the Master Plan 2018 please click here. 

Your views are important to us as we want to produce a final Master Plan that meets the needs and aspirations of the nation. You can submit comments in one of the following ways...

Online at:


E-mail us at:

[email protected]

Write to us at:

BHX Master Plan

Birmingham Airport

Diamond House Birmingham

B26 3QJ. 

The consultation closes on the 31st of January 2019 at 23:59 so please make sure you submit your comments before then. The final version of the Master Plan will then be published in early 2019. 

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