New Air Traffic Control Facility

Air Traffic Control Tower

Construction on the tower started in May 2011 and it became operational in 2013 following installation of the avionics and specialist Air Traffic Control equipment.

The new facility was required due to the age and condition of the existing building and equipment and because the height and position of the previous control tower did not allow controllers an adequate view of the airfield as the Airport continues to grow.  The new tower is located on the same side of the runway as the existing tower.

The new building comprises 3 distinct operational elements, a high level Visual Control Room (VCR), an Approach Control Room (ACR) and a Main Equipment Room (MER) that houses the main avionics equipment.


The Structure

The tower itself is supported on 52 17m long concrete piles that allowed the 33m high tower to "appear" on the skyline in just 13 days using a Slipform construction technique where concrete was poured into a continuously moving steel shutter, or form, which was lifted by hydraulic jacks in a slow, continuous movement allowing the concrete to harden sufficiently by the time it emerged from the bottom of the form.




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