At the airport FAQs

1. What time do I need to arrive at the airport before my flight departure time?

Please check with your airline, as all check-in times differ.

2. Can family members or friends see me off on my travels?

From Friday 28th August, non-flying visitors will be permitted in the landside departures area, via Departure Door B. Everyone entering the terminal will be subject to a temperature check and face coverings will remain mandatory. 

3. Will I be temperature checked when I come to the airport?

We are trialling thermal imaging cameras upon entrance to the terminal building. Please do not come to the airport if you have any symptoms of COVID-19. Entrance to the terminal building will not be granted to anyone presenting with a temperature.

4. How will social distancing be enforced at the Airport?

We strongly advise you to adhere to social distancing when at the airport. Social distancing signage is in place throughout.

5. Will you be providing face coverings to passengers when they enter the terminal?

It is mandatory to wear face coverings throughout the airport. For further details please see here.

Children/people with disabilities including hidden disabilities may be exempt. Please see here for more details. 

6. Do I still have to check-in as I normally would?

Our check-in desks have screens between our colleagues and customers, similar to those seen in supermarkets. Your check-in agent will ask you to hold up passports for checking, please adhere to all of their requests.

7. I usually use the self-check-in desks, are these still open? How are they cleaned?

The self-service check-in desks are in operation and are part of our enhanced cleaning regime. However, as with all surfaces we strongly advise you to wash your hands or use hand sanitiser before and after using them.

8. Are you expecting longer queues at security? Should I arrive earlier at the airport?

All passengers are encouraged to arrive at the terminal in line with the check-in opening times for their flight. The security process will take longer than usual as we adhere to social distancing guidelines, please ensure you allow sufficient time to pass through security.  For those that have checked-in online please ensure you adhere to the check-in times of your airline and leave plenty of time to clear the security search area.

9. What is the process at security? Will I be hand searched?

Our security colleagues will social distance as much as they can. For tasks that require a body search or closer contact then our colleagues will wear a mask, a vizor and gloves. Additionally, colleagues will use hand sanitiser between searches. We aim to keep physical contact to a minimum.

10. How often are the trays cleaned in security? Are there wipes available for me to wipe down my tray?

The trays are part of our enhanced cleaning regime.

11. I have a child with disabilities, does the sunflower scheme still work?

Yes, please approach our colleagues and they will assist you.

12. Will water fountains still be available to fill up our own water bottles? Are these cleaned regularly?

Yes, the water fountains are part of our enhanced cleaning regime. All water fountains are still working.

13. Will you be providing hand sanitiser throughout the terminal?

There are many hand sanitiser stations throughout the customer journey.

14. Are you still providing trolleys? If so, are they cleaned between users?

Yes, trolleys are still available and again are part of our enhanced cleaning regime.

15. What cleaning measures are in place?

We have stepped up our cleaning regime since the pandemic of COVID-19. We have dedicated teams ensuring all the customer touch points are cleaned frequently. Additionally, we have purchased new equipment that is called, fogging. Fogging is a spray that is performed nightly across the terminals and ensures that COVID-19 cannot live on any surfaces for 24 hours. This will be done each night.

16. What shops, bars and restaurants are open?

Currently, the below are open for customers:

Before Security

  • All Bar One from 0600 - 20-00 everyday
  • Caffe Nero from 0500 - 2200 hours everyday
  • Luggage Point Passenger Services 0700 - 1300 hours everyday

After Security


  • Aspire Lounge North 0500 - 1600 daily
  • Burger King from 1100 - 2000 hours everyday
  • Costa 0500 - 1900 daily 
  • Factory Bar & Kitchen from 0500 - 1400 hours everyday 
  • JD Wetherspoon from 0500 hours everyday
  • Pret 0500 - 2000 daily


  • Accessorize 0500 - 1800 daily
  • Boots from 0400 to last flight everyday
  • Dixons 0500 - 1700 daily
  • JD Sports from 0400 - 2000 hours everyday
  • Kurt Geiger from 0800 - 1700 hours everyday
  • Next from 0600-  1900 hours everyday
  • Sunglass Hut 0500 - 1830 daily
  • Superdry 0600 - 1630 daily 
  • The Watch Collection (Mon 0600-1100, 1300-2000, Tues 0600-1100, 1300-1900, Weds 0600-1000, 1300-2100, Thurs 0600-2100, Fri 0600-0800, 1200-2000, Sat 0600-1300, 1400-1900, Sun 0600-2200)
  • Travelex 0430 - 1900 daily
  • WHSmith (before World Duty Free) 
  • World Duty Free from 0500 - 1700 hours everyday
  • Victoria’s Secret
  • WHSmith Books
  • WHSmith Departure Lounge North from 0400 - 1800 hours Monday to Friday and 0600 -1800 hours Saturday and Sunday 


  • Arrow Cars 
  • Boots from Monday - Friday 0900-1700 hours (Closed Saturdays & Sundays)
  • Costa 0800 - 1500 everyday
  • Spar 0700 - 2200 hours everyday
  • Travelex (Baggage Reclaim) 0800 - 1730
  • World Duty Free arrivals 0900 - 1700 daily 
  • WHSmith 

We also encourage travellers to use pre-book methods and contactless payments wherever possible.

17. Can I bring my own food and drink to the airport as there are limited options?

Customers can bring their own food and drink to the airport however please ensure that it follows the liquid guidelines.  

18. What measures have you put in place to help reduce the amount of contact between your employees and passengers?

We have ensured that colleagues that can, will socially distance, for colleagues that do need to have contact with customers then they will wear a face covering and a visor.

19. Can I bring hand sanitiser through security?

Hand sanitiser can be taken through security as long as it complies with the liquid restrictions.

20. Will there be social distancing on the buses that take us to the aircraft?

There will be limited seating on all buses, and we advise all to follow social distancing. Additionally, it is mandatory for face coverings to be worn on all airport buses.

21. Is the Air Rail Link still running?

The Air Rail Link is currently suspended. A replacement bus service is being provided from Bus Stop Nb at the train station and Bus Stop C at the front of the terminal which will run 24 hours. Our buses are suitable or wheelchair users. This operates every ten minutes.

Face coverings are compulsory on all airport buses and buses are running with a reduced capacity to ensure social distancing measures can be adhered to. 

22. How are aircraft cleaned in between flights and is the air in the aircraft safe?

Please refer to the airline websites regarding individual cleaning processes.

This video shows how safe air travel is and how air circulation is managed in the cabin. You can read about it in more detail on the Airbus website here.

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