Check-In Information

Check-In Information

Check-In Information 

Check-In Times 

We work hard to make the check-in process as fast as possible, but at peak times, it may take longer than expected. To ensure a smooth and speedy check-in, please make sure you have all your required documentation to board your flight. 

Check-in usually opens:

  • 4 hours before long haul flights (flights between 6-12 hours)
  • 2 or 3 hours before short haul flights (flights between 3-6 hours)

Please check with your airline directly if you wish to confirm precise check-in opening times.

It’s best to allow lots of time for the entire check-in, security and boarding process, so get to the airport as early as you can. While you wait to board your flight, enjoy a meal in one of our restaurants or do some shopping in one of our stores.

Terminal and Airline Information 

Birmingham Airport operates a single terminal for all arriving and departing flights.

Airline and handling agent desks are all on the ground floor of the check-in halls. Self-service check-in kiosks – only available for some airlines – are on the ground and first floors of the check-in halls.

To find the right desk for your airline, see below:

  • Desks 101 – 130 from entrance ‘B’ serve flights with KLM, Air France, Czech Airlines and Turkmenistan.
  • Desks 1 – 82 from entrances ‘B’ serve flights with all other airlines
  • All departing passengers to use Entrance Door B

Desk numbers can sometimes change, so please check the information screens at the airport.

For any questions about specific check-in times, required documentation and more, contact your airline directly. Contact details of all the airlines that operate at Birmingham Airport are listed here.

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