Next Generation Security Project

We're making improvements to your experience

Work is under way on our new security screening area.

The new facility, being built within the existing terminal building, will result in a speedier, simpler pre-flight security screening process for our customers.

UK Government requires all airports to be compliant with new standards by 1 June 2024, which is the completion deadline for the project, a total investment of more than £60m.

In our Master Plan published in 2018, we outlined its aspiration to grow customer volumes from 12m a year (pre-pandemic) to 18m a year by 2033. This new and improved security screening area supports growth up to 18m passengers a year and beyond.


Installing our Next-Generation Security (NGS) system will deliver a speedier and simpler pre-flight screening process capable of serving significantly more passengers per hour at peak times.
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Where can I get food and drinks from?

If you've checked in online and you do not need to use bag drop, head straight for departures where after the security process you will find plenty of shops and restaurants.

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