VAT Refunds

VAT Refunds

If you are a non-EU resident who wishes to claim a VAT refund on goods (purchased from a Retail Export Scheme Retailer), permanently taken out of the EU, you must contact the UK Border Agency before you check in. A courtesy phone in the check-in area is provided to contact the UK Border Agency.

The UK Border Agency Office either meet you before you check in or instruct you to check in and deposit your currency in the VAT refund letter box which is located at the exit of the Security Area.

Please ensure that the envelope is not sealed and the form is fully completed, including the customer declaration. Birmingham Airport does not operate cash back facility, you should therefore clearly indicate your preferred method of repayment.

Please note

The retailers must be part of the Retail Export Scheme (RES).
Forms are issued by RES retailers. No one else may issue a form on behalf of the retailer.

More information

Tax refunds are processed by HM Revenue & Customs. Please visit the HMRC website for more information.





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