Security transformation

Birmingham Airport is undergoing a £60m upgrade to transform our security area

Our ongoing upgrade is going to change your airport for the better, as we install the latest security technology and overhaul the terminal.

It might look and feel very different, but we'll get you moving as quickly as we possibly can.

What this means for your journey

Our upstairs space is currently significantly reduced, so you'll be waiting and walking through unfamiliar areas in the airport. But don’t worry, this doesn’t mean there are longer wait times. Our new walking routes have wayfinding signage to help you on your way, and our friendly customer experience staff will always be on hand to help.

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Prepare ahead

Arrive at least two hours before your flight and in line with your airline's advice.

To prepare for security BHX’s key advice is:

  • Remove large electrical items and liquids removed from bags at the security scanners.
  • Laptops, tablets and other large electric items removed from bags.
  • All liquids removed from bags and need to be less than 100ml.
  • Belts, large items of jewellery, jackets and boots must be removed.
  • Place your items in a tray with space around them, and don't pile items on top of each other.
  • Use as many trays as you need.
  • Arrive at BHX at least two hours before your flight departure time - in line with your airline’s advice.

Things are changing for the better

In June 2024, BHX will unveil its new Next-Generation Security system, which has been designed to deliver a speedier and simpler pre-flight experience for customers. The new-look security area will be capable of serving significantly more customers per hour at peak times.

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