Birmingham is the 26th largest city in Europe - larger than Frankfurt and Amsterdam

Of the 800 cities in Europe, including 47 capitals, Birmingham is 26th largest. It has a larger population than Oslo, Stockholm, Dublin and Lisbon. Birmingham and the West Midlands are home to a host of globally recognised brands including Goldman Sachs, PwC, HSBC, Deutsche Bank, Jaguar Land Rover, Rolls Royce, Royal Shakespeare Company, Cadbury, TV series Peaky Blinders and more. The West Midlands boasts a proud manufacturing history including Wolverhampton, home of the world’s first automated traffic lights in 1927, Britain’s first cycle factory in Coventry, and Silicon Spa, a renaming of Leamington Spa owing to its globally significant cluster of video game developers, among them Playground Games, creators of the acclaimed Forza series. 

For more about the West Midlands’ economy, visit: PowerPoint Presentation ( 

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Birmingham City Centre

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Birmingham New Street station

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