Control Technician

Control Technician - A conversation with Ian

What did you do prior to joining Birmingham Airport?

I joined Birmingham Airport straight from school as an apprentice engineer.


What attracted you to the role?

I always felt I worked well practically, so chose to do 2 weeks work experience at the airport from school in 1997. I worked alongside the terminal technicians this was very interesting. I then took up a further week during the school holidays. The prospect of working full time at the airport appealed to me.


Tell us about your training?

I started my training with a four year apprenticeship as an Electrical and Mechanical Engineer. I attended Garretts Green College for 4 years and gained my electrical qualifications up to my ‘C’ Certificate with City and Guilds. I also did my Level 2 in Mechanical Engineering. Over the years I have been placed on numerous courses which tailor me to the airport role.


So what’s a typical day for you then?

I start my shift at 7am, as a Control Engineer our primary role is to ensure that the baggage system is fully operational. This is done through a series of planned maintenances and any reactive maintenance. By working on the baggage we can see it in operation, this enables us to make it more efficient and reduce down time. We also respond to any airbridge faults and Preventative Planned Maintenances (PPM). We also look after any other controls, i.e. heating and ventilation for the day to day running of the terminal.


What advice would you give for potential new recruits?

To be ready to take on the challenges the job throws at you, complete jobs well and to the highest possible standard. To be able to work with an ever changing environment.


So what do you like best about your job?

I like all aspects of my job; I enjoy the variety of work and the opportunity to learn new skills.


And what qualities are the most beneficial?

Being able to work on lots of different equipment, this enables me to carry on learning new skills which fit in with the ever changing airport.


Are there opportunities to develop in your career?

Yes, there are always opportunities to develop your career, as the business is always changing. The department always encourage us to tailor our skills to the different aspects of our working environment.


What would you say to someone thinking about joining BHX?

There are plenty of opportunities within Birmingham Airport to develop yourself. It is a good company to work for, and an interesting environment.

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