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Long Haul Destinations 

Flying to long haul destinations has never been easier. The mesmerising long haul locations will have you packing your suitcase at a drop of a sunhat - whether it is the glittering heat of the deserts in the Middle Eastern Region, or the fun-loving holidays with family and friends in New York, Tokyo or Melbourne, there are plenty of destinations to choose from.

With a wide range of long haul destinations available, you can now fly directly from Birmingham Airport or get a connecting flight to your desired destination via different airlines such as Qatar Airways, Air France, Brussels, and more!

Wherever you choose to go, you are guaranteed a holiday of a lifetime. Book direct flights from Birmingham Airport and create memories for yourself!

Delhi - City of History, Art and Culture

Delhi, city of djinns and history, is one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world. From the glorious Mughal towers of the old city to the glamorous New Delhi. History speaks for the city itself - the four-lane highway opening to centuries old ruins, coupled with a booming culture - gives Delhi a unique identity of its own.

To learn more about the history of India, a great place to start is at The Red Fort, built by Shah Jahan in the 17th century, followed by the old streets of Chandni Chowk. Explore the bazar by foot or jump in a rickshaw and tour the streets of Delhi in search of handicrafts, jewellery, clothing and saris. Once you’re ready to escape the hustle and bustle of the street, take a seat and watch the world go by in The Lodi Gardens.

For a slice of culture, stroll down Rajpath, the country’s seat of power, and the infamous India Gate - India’s memorial to honour the soldiers who lost their lives at war, followed by a visit at the tomb of Mughal Emperor, Humayun in Nizamuddin East - built in Redstone, with inlay work that reflects Central Asian and Persian influences.

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The city of the spectacular Golden Temple, founded in 1577 by the fourth Guru, Guru Ram das, Amritsar is the home to the Sikhism’s holiest shrine and one of India’s most humbling sights - surrounded by the hustle and bustle of the eventful streets, and the mouth-watering food. 

Partake in Amritsar’s ‘Putting to Bed’ Ceremony at the temple, or enjoy a visit to the sacred Amrit Sarvor (Pool of Nectar) followed by a tour to Guru ka Langar, where all visitors are fed a meal of lentil curry and bread. This symbolises the Sikh’s belief of a caste -free egalitarian society.

If you are looking for a blend of culture and delicious food - Amritsar is a place to visit. Book your direct flights to Amritsar from Birmingham Airport via Air India today. 

Melbourne - A city with many secrets

Glamorous Melbourne is both dynamic and cosmopolitan, and the capital is widely known for its sporting culture. The city beautifully merges green spaces with concrete marvels. Explore the Botanical Gardens, take a tour to Melbourne Cricket Ground as well as the extravagant Southbank Promenade.

If you are looking from some peace and quiet, stroll across the magical Botanical Gardens. The gardens have a variety of plants with special sections such as the Australian Forest Walk, the Tropical Glasshouse and the Arid Garden. Spend a day visiting Yarra Valley - under the open sky in the beautiful countryside, sipping on luscious wines of red and white sparkling varieties.

Enjoy a wide range of food during your stay! Explore the city and have a meal at the colonial Tramcar Restaurant - trams that have been converted into mobile restaurants, that serve lunch and dinner to patrons as they make their way around some of Melbourne’s most astonishing routes.

‘A city with many secrets’, Melbourne has something to offer for everyone.

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According to Lonely Planet, ‘Tokyo’ for the first time has emerged as the cheapest of 30 popular resorts and cities in the world

A city break to Tokyo promises a blend of history, cutting - edge architecture and adventure. Explore the city’s garden’s and parks, skyscrapers, karaoke in bars, not forgetting the infamous Japanese sushi. Tokyo is one of the planet’s most densely populated cities, with a hyperactive skyline that changes regularly as the sun rises and sets.

A city of culture and heritage - the city has hundreds of places of worship. Each depicting Japanese history, sharing a story of the city’s rich culture and traditions.

From fun, shopping, and food to culture and heritage - Tokyo is a must place to visit if you are planning to travel to a long -haul destination.

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Old Dubai is charming, especially the preserved narrow streets of Al Bastakiya, now known as the Al Fahidi Historical District. Near you’ll find Dubai Creek, a vibrant area where the city began, full of street art, local cafes and colourful bazars. The daring culture, extraordinary skylines, fashion, traditions and culture are opportunities that need to be explored if you are there.  If you’re visiting for the first time, take in the view from the Burj Khalifa’s 124th floor observation deck, or visit the Jumeirah mosque, the grandest of all the mosques.

Dubai is scorching hot all year around - the best time to visit is November - March, when the temperature is moderate. A place worth going to. On your visit, make the most of culture, traditions, shopping and entertainment that the city brings!

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From the sea to the desert and all that lies in between, there are many reasons to visit Doha. The largely wave -free coastline is a huge attraction for families. Add the colourful coral reefs, salt pans bustling with wildlife, and postcard perfect islands, it’s easy to see why the Gulf is so tempting.

Despite the malls and designer labels, Doha still holds the traditional values close to its heart.  A place worth a visit!

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Getting There!

All destinations are directly accessible from Birmingham Airport from airlines including Qatar Airways, Emirates, Lufthansa, Air France, Turkish Airlines, KLM and Brussels. Click here for more travel inspiration and to see our full range of destinations.


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