Girona: Your Destination Guide

Visiting for the first time?

Girona Cathedral

Discover the history: Stroll along the Passeig de la Muralla, ancient walls with excellent views of the city. From there, marvel at the Cathedral of Girona and its mix of Romanesque, Gothic and Baroque architecture. Cross the Eiffel Bridge, which frames the views of the colourful houses and buildings hanging over the waters of the River Onyar.


Wander through the picturesque Medieval town of the Jewish Quarter. The maze-like cobbled streets, narrow alleyways, old houses and architectural details are a treat for photography enthusiasts and history lovers. While you’re there, check out the Jewish Museum, with a collection of unmissable artefacts and stories of Girona’s Jewish history.

Market Food

Taste Catalonian cuisine: Characterised by a combination of traditional and avant-garde dishes, Girona boasts several Michelin-star restaurants such as El Celler de Can Roca and Massana, as well as El Lleó marketplace in the city centre where you can sample local produce.


Go window shopping: Stop by the most symbolic shop window in Girona, the Colmado Moriscot grocers. This establishment will instantly take you back to the 19th century, selling everything from spirits and spices to cured meats and other regional produce.

Looking for something different?

New beach with white building and sand and blue water

Go rural: Walk or cycle around the scenic Lake Banyoles – a wonderful spot for nature lovers with its wealth of wildlife and spectacular scenery. Restaurants line the lake, so you can stop for a delicious interval along the way. Explore the city by electric bike on a tour with Burricleta or enjoy the coastal pathways of the Costa Brava. Stroll between the glimmering sea and green pines, and discover hidden beaches.


See some culture: Explore the trinkets in the Tuesday and Saturday markets at Parc de la Devesa. This park is perfect for a light stroll and picnic on a warm day. Poke around the quirky Museu del Cinema, which includes a collection of iconic props from big blockbusters such as Johnny Depp’s Edward Scissorhands.


Explore the old: Check out the oldest museum in Catalonia, the Museum of Archaeology. It houses pre-historic archeological artefacts discovered in the region, all the way up to finds from the Middle Ages.

Roman Baths

A short walk from the Cathedral, discover the Romanesque Arab Baths, modelled on Muslim and Roman bathhouses. Relax in the saunas after a busy day of strolling the city.

Lola Cafe

Let your hair down: Dance into the early hours at the Lola Café, a modest bar hosting nights of live rumba in the heart of Barri Vell. Stop by the bookshop-cum-restaurant Context, hosting literary events and live music dinners. This welcoming family-owned spot serves up delicious dishes.

Want to go further?

Dali Museum

Take a short trip to Figueres to see the Dalí Museum. Designed by the artist himself, the museum houses his personal collection, along with sculptures and three-dimensional installations.


Visit the Iberian settlement of Ullastret, dating back to the 7th century. It’s like stepping into an archaeological dig – the remains expose aspects of life in the city thousands of years ago.

Want to know a secret?

Art Gallery

For an immersive, unique dining experience, visit La Penyora. Bohemian artist Lluís Llamas transforms his restaurants into galleries, adorning the walls with pieces of artwork.


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