Christmas Blogger Challenge with Ally in Blunderland and Sian Victoria

We recently challenged two Birmingham based bloggers, Ally from Ally in Blunderland & Sian from Sian Victoria, to go head-to-head and purchase the best selection of Christmas gifts for their family and friends from the wide range of stores we have here at Birmingham Airport.We gave Ally and Sian £150 each and one hour to purchase gifts for their loved ones. They found that there were great savings and travel exclusive items in the departure lounge, and were surprised that their budget went a long way. Watch the video below to find out how they got on!


Visit Ally and Sian's blog posts to find out more about their Christmas shopping experience at Birmingham Airport.

To find out more about the great selection of stores in our departure lounge, click here or for some top picks for last minute Christmas gifts at Birmingham Airport read our Christmas Gift Guide

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