What's at Birmingham Airport?

Time to travel? We’re happy that you’re here with us. Read on for all the information on enjoying your time at the airport.

Arriving at the airport

The main goal at this point is to get yourself to Check-in and Security on time. If you’re parking, make a note of the specific car park, floor and space number (painted on the ground). This will help you remember where to go when you return; you can even take a photo to help.

Luggage trolleys are available at trolley points on the ground floor of each multi-story car park, in the surface car parks, and outside the terminal. Birmingham Airport charges £2 per trolley, which is non-refundable, at vending points across the Airport, and only accept contactless payments.


Signposts outside the terminal building direct you to check-in via Zones A, B, C or D depending on your airline. Check-in desk zones are displayed on the information screens. There are also several automated check-in kiosks available. If you’ve checked in online and have a boarding pass, all you need to do is drop your hold bag off (if you have one) at the relevant airline check-in 'bag-drop' area.

If you have oversize or extra luggage that you haven’t already paid for online, you can present these to the airline agent at the check-in desk for assistance.

Click here for more answers to FAQs about the check-in process.


Airport security, including express lane security, is located on the first floor of the terminal building. There’s an entrance in the South Check-in area, as well as one in the North Check-in area that’s accessed by taking the escalators or lifts to the first floor.

Going through Security should be a relatively short experience, though there may be longer queues at peak travel times. The security process is explained in more detail here. Information on the body scanners we use is available here. Information on how to prepare your hand luggage for security searches is available here.

Please prepare your hand baggage in accordance with this advice before arriving at security as failure to do so may cause delays for yourself and other passengers. Watch our useful video to show you how to prepare for Security.

Departure lounge and boarding gates

Once you’ve gone through Security, you can head to the departure lounge and the boarding gates. There are many options for shopping, dining, and currency exchange in the departure lounge, so you can make the most of your time before boarding. There are also three executive lounges available. There are water fountains available once you've passed through security; one is located at OCS North-Landside, the toilets next to Bottega in departures, gate 47, the bottom of the international pier, gate 52 and baggage reclaim hall next to the baby changing facilities.  

Birmingham Airport is a silent airport, so no gate or boarding announcements will be made. Keep an eye on the departure boards for this information. Ensure that you leave enough time to walk to the correct gate.

Hot drinks are not permitted on the buses between the gate and the plane. Some airlines also don’t allow hot drinks to be carried on-board for health and safety reasons.

Special facilities at the airport

We offer a variety of special facilities at the airport to make your trip as comfortable and as convenient as possible.

  • Assisted Travel covering many different assistance needs can be pre-booked here.
  • The multi-faith prayer room is open between 4:00 and 22:00 every day, and provides quiet space, wudu facilities, and items of worship.
  • The Changing Places toilet is located in the departure lounge, behind WHSmith Books. The entry code can be requested via the OCS special assistance desk (phone number 0121 767 7878) or via the courtesy phone at the toilet.
  • There are designated smoking areas outside the front of the terminal, but once past here, smoking is prohibited until you reach your destination.
  • Information on VAT Refunds can be found here

Watch this useful video on our special facilities.

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