Frequently Asked Questions when travelling from Birmingham Airport

1st June Government Deadline

Q. Did you meet the 1st June deadline?

Birmingham Airport has worked tirelessly over the last 18 months and has successfully hit the 1st  of June 2024 deadline, one of the few UK airports, and has been using its new security screening area since mid-March

Q. What is the new legislation by Government?

In December 2022 government set June 2024 deadline for airports to install new security technology, spelling the eventual end to 100ml rule on liquids at large airports.


Liquids, Pastes and Gels

Q. Can I carry 2 litres of liquid/paste or gel in my hand luggage now as Birmingham Airport has met the deadline?

Currently no. Whilst the change in regulation is to allow liquids up to 2 litres due to a restriction by the regulator only liquids up to 100ml can currently be carried albeit it can stay in hand luggage and no longer needed to be in plastic bags. 

If you have onward travel arrangements from Birmingham Airport please do check the liquid restrictions of these airports.


Q. If Birmingham Airport has completed the works how come I still cannot carry liquids up to 2 litres?

Despite Birmingham Airport investing £60m, privately funded, into its new security area the airport is still awaiting approval from the regulator to allow liquids up to 2 litres.


Q. Can I take cans or bottles of water through?

 Bottles of water or cans are normally above 100ml i.e, a can of coke is 330ml, these are not permitted.


Q. How many liquids of 100ml can I take?

 The quantity of individual items at 100ml is unlimited. 


Q. Can I take my own insulated water bottle through security?

 Only if it is empty, water bottles refill stations can be found here.


Q. I am travelling with my baby, can I bring baby food with me?

You are permitted to take enough baby food required for the journey to your destination. Security officers may carry out additional screening, using our state-of-the-art, liquid and food testing stations. Full restrictions here.


Q. I need to travel with medication, can i bring this in my hand luggage?

We advise all essential medication is kept with you within your hand luggage and is not placed in your hold luggage. Prescription medicines are allowed in cabin baggage but you must carry supporting medical documentation for the prescription.


Security Process On-Site 

Q. Can I carry liquids and if so what can I take?

Customers can only take liquids, pastes and gels up to 100ml in their hand luggage. Do not put liquids in plastic bags, just loose in your hand luggage. Do not remove these liquids at the security search area, they can stay in hand luggage. 


Q. Do I take electricals out of hand luggage?

Leave all electricals in hand luggage during the security search.  


Q. What should I do when going through security?

When going through security please ensure all items are out of pockets including phones, keys, coins and tissues etc. Watches can be left on.


Q. When do I check in?

Arrive at the time the airline’s check in desk opens even if checked in online and only carrying have hand luggage. This can be found on your booking details.  Once on-site join the security queue on the ground floor.


Q. Shall I arrive before my check in desk opens?

We do not advise this as your check in may not be open and you will have to wait until the airline opens.


Q. Can I drop my bags drop the night before?

If you are travelling with Jet2 or TUI, and your flight is before noon, you can drop your bags off the day before. On the day you travel, make your way to join the security queue on the ground floor.  This service isn’t available for TUI flights to the USA and P&O Cruises.


Q. Where do I check-in?

  • Zone A for Jet2
  • Zone D for Emirates
  • Zones B & C for all other airlines 


Q. How do I access security?

Our new security area construction works are still on-going. This means the queuing area for security is mainly downstairs.   


Q. If I arrive by train, via the Air Rail link, where can I join the security queue?

Please note that all passengers arriving by train are required to head to the ground floor to join the queue for security.  Even with an express lane entry ticket, please head downstairs and show a member of staff your Express Lane ticket. They will direct you where to go to utilise the Express Lane Service


Q. I can’t book express lane?

Our Express Lane service has a capacity to it, and this is reviewed regularly, to ensure we offer its intended use.  If it cannot be booked, it is at capacity.  It is worth nothing Birmingham Airport express lane is only bookable via the airport’s website and limited airlines sell it too.  Please do not book via other companies that claim to be selling express lane.


Assisted Travel 

 Q. I need assistance with travel, what should I do?

Please pre-book Assisted Travel with your airline or tour operator at least 48 hours before departure or arrival at Birmingham Airport.  You should also tell your airline if you intend to take your own electric mobility aid.


Q. How do I prepare at the airport if I need assistance?

To ensure there is enough time for you to complete all the necessary Airline and Security checks and have a pleasant boarding experience, we strongly recommend all passengers requiring assistance register at the Assisted Travel Help Desk no later than 3 hours before the scheduled departure time. Failure to allow adequate time for airport and assistance processes may result in disruption to your journey.


Q. What parking facilities do you have for disabled customers?

Blue Badge holders are entitled to up to 30 minutes free parking within the Premium Set Down car park upon production of their Blue Badge and car parking ticket at the NCP Customer Service Desk which is located in the Premium Set Down Car Park. Normal charges apply if the 30 minutes is exceeded. Please note, this car park can be used to pick up disabled customers.

Disabled parking is also available in Car Parks 1, 2, 3, 5 and the Free Drop Off.  Please note that car parking is charged at the normal rates for these car parks. 



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