Filming and Photography Requests

Filming and Photography Requests

Unfortunately for external companies we cannot facilitate filming. We apologise for this at this time.

If you are a partner organisation of the airport please email [email protected] to request permission to film/and or take photos.

All filming and photography at Birmingham Airport must be authorised and accompanied by a member of the Airport’s Communications team.

In order to request permission to film and/or take photographs please email: [email protected]

In your email please provide the following information: 

- Your name, contact number and email address

- The name of the company you work for (if applicable)

- The nature of the filming: is this for a promotional video, a tv programme, a film etc…?

- The preferred date and time for filming/photography

- The number of crew on site and type of equipment to be used

- The areas to be filmed (e.g. check in area, departures, aircraft taking off)

- Will Birmingham Airport be identified in the footage/image/script? If yes, please explain how.

- Will the person(s) being filmed/photographed or any member of the crew be flying from Birmingham Airport in conjunction with this filming/photography request? If yes, then please provide flight details.

We will respond to you as soon as possible. 

Thank you

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