Birmingham Achieves Continued Passenger Growth

Birmingham Airport handled over half a million passengers in February 2014, with Dublin, Dubai and Amsterdam proving to be the most popular destinations. 

Some 580,453 passengers used the Airport over the 28 days, an 8.5% increase compared to the same month last year. 

Scheduled traffic during February increased by 11.9% and nearly a quarter (20.7%) of all passengers travelled on a long-haul service. 


Paul Kehoe, Chief Executive of Birmingham Airport, said, “This continued passenger growth demonstrates that more travellers are enjoying the range of services and facilities offered by the airport and the hassle free experience of getting to and through the terminal.” 

Scheduled routes that saw the largest growth in February were Lyon (+2563.6%), Waterford (+301.8%), Chambery (+162.4%), Fuerteventura (+126.5%), Arrecife (+112.9%), Stuttgart (+84.9%) and Funchal (+77.3%), Hanover (+61.2%), Istanbul (+43.4%) and Belfast International (+39.2%). 

Charter routes that saw most growth were Portugal (+49.3%), Barbados (+42.9%), Finland (+20%), France (+10.5%), Gambia (+5.6%) and Italy (+4.2%). 

Scheduled traffic in February accounted for 88.7% of all traffic, with charter flights making up the remaining 11.3%.

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