Birmingham Becomes First Airport To Install Amazon Lockers

Amazon customers can now pick up their online orders at Birmingham Airport, thanks to the introduction of Amazon Lockers inside the terminal - the first of its kind at a UK airport.

Deliveries made to Amazon Lockers nationally have more than doubled in the last year as customers continue to enjoy the flexibility the service provides. Amazon Lockers are ideal for the millions of passengers, visitors and staff who want to place orders online and pick up their items on the move.


“Amazon Lockers at travel terminals are amongst the most popular so it made perfect sense to us that the next step would be to install them at a leading UK airport,” said Christopher North, Managing Director of Ltd. 

“Amazon Lockers are the delivery option of choice for many customers who want to pick up their shopping at a time and place that suits them best and we are delighted that customers flying in and out of Birmingham will now be able to pick up the products that are flying off our shelves whilst at the airport.”

Amazon customers select a Locker location when they get to the checkout and are then given a unique pick-up code in order to retrieve their items from that Amazon Locker. Located prior to security in the airport’s south-check-in hall near to arrivals, the Amazon Lockers will be accessible to customers twenty-four hours a day. 

Birmingham Airport’s head of commercial, Richard Gill, said: “The arrival of Amazon Lockers at Birmingham Airport is great news for people passing through the airport, who can now pick up their items purchased online, whilst on the move, thanks to this new facility inside the terminal. We’re sure these lockers will prove to be tremendously popular and strengthens our commitment to providing excellent customer facilities.”

The number of Amazon Locker locations across the UK is now approaching 300. They are positioned in convenient locations across the UK such as shopping centres, supermarkets, universities and libraries. The vast majority of products directly sold by Amazon are available for delivery to an Amazon Locker and Amazon Prime members get One-Day delivery to these locations as part of their membership. Customers who aren’t members of Amazon Prime can receive One-Day delivery for £1.99 or get free standard delivery on orders over £10.

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