Birmingham Businesses Launch Birmingham Green Hub Liftshare Venture

Four of Solihull’s biggest job creators have joined forces to establish a staff car sharing scheme as part of their ongoing commitment to sustainability.

Supporting tens of thousands of jobs, Birmingham Airport, Birmingham Business Park, Resorts World and The NEC, have created the ‘Birmingham Green Hub Liftshare’ scheme to ease traffic and parking congestion, promote sustainable travel and reduce single occupancy car journeys.

Working alongside the consortium’s other corporate social responsibility initiatives, the new scheme will cut CO2 emissions and create cost savings for staff. Providing the workforce with a more sustainable transport option to access work is also hoped to attract new talent and help retain existing staff.

Working with ‘Liftshare’, the UK’s largest car sharing community, these major employers in the heart of The UK Central Hub, are confident of a successful scheme launch and engagement with staff. Employees are also protected by a guaranteed ride home policy.

Cllr Bob Sleigh, deputy mayor of the West Midlands, said: “This is an excellent scheme. Not only does it help tackle congestion - which costs this region millions of pounds a year in lost productivity - by reducing the number of private cars on the roads, it also allows people to access jobs, which is a key objective of the West Midlands Combined Authority.

“Anything which addresses these two areas is something to be encouraged and I wish the Birmingham Green Hub Liftshare every success.”

David Winstanley, COO, Birmingham Airport, said:The Birmingham Green Hub Liftshare venture demonstrates how committed all four businesses are in working together and promoting sustainable travel patterns.

“With all the infrastructure improvements and development planned to take place in this part of the West Midlands, it is vital that we act early and change travel behaviour. This will help reduce congestion on our road network, reduce staff travel costs and build relationships between our respective businesses.”

Kathryn James, Managing Director, NEC Group Conventions and Exhibitions, said: “The events industry continues to make great strides in its positive contribution to a “greener” world, and as the UK’s number one venue, we believe we should lead by example and make a positive impact on the way people think and behave.

“As the NEC becomes more successful and we look ahead to significant investment and developments in and around the site, as well as greater numbers of staff across our campus, it is increasingly important that we adapt and support schemes such as Liftshare.”

Rob Large, Director of Birmingham Business Park Management Ltd, said: “Birmingham Business Park is committed to supporting sustainable travel and encouraging tenants on the park to consider, where possible, greener alternatives. For those who have to drive to the office, the Green Hub Liftshare scheme is a great way of mitigating the negative environmental impact of having more cars on the road.

“As we continue to attract more businesses to the region, we need to ensure that we have the transport networks and infrastructure in place to support them, whether it’s road, rail or air.”

Ian Bennett, Operations Director Resorts World, said, We’re delighted to be a part of this scheme; not only does it bring obvious benefits to our staff but it has the potential to offer real positive change for our local environment.”

Companies running car sharing schemes share over 1,000,000 trips a month throughout the UK, with 97,240,000 miles, 35,000 tonnes of CO2, and £24,440,000 in petrol costs saved annually. The workforce of Birmingham Green Hub will now contribute to these figures.

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