Today, Wednesday 5th June 2019, Birmingham Airport has taken part in “World Environment Day” (WED).  This annual event is the United Nation's campaign for encouraging awareness and action for the protection of the environment. First held in 1974, it has been a flagship campaign for raising awareness on environmental issues since this date.


Birmingham Airport recognises that it has a role to play in reducing its impact on the environment and outlines ways it will achieve this through its environmental plans. The Airport’s commitments extend to all employees, tenants and contractors on-site.


World Environment Day is an ideal catalyst for the Airport to again raise awareness of the environmental activities that are carried out by Birmingham Airport’s dedicated Sustainability team amongst the Airport community.  It also aims to receive ideas and feedback from all staff on how collaboratively it can reduce its impact on the environment. 

During the day, employees took part in competitions and quizzes and other enjoyable activities.  A team of experts were on hand to promote staff travel, through the lift share scheme and the options for staff to cycle to work.  Staff members also got to make a smoothie – powered by cycling on a bike to generate enough power to create their own healthy drink. 


Nick Barton, CEO of Birmingham Airport said: “Birmingham Airport is very focused on its responsibility to the environment.  Our Sustainability team’s mission is to ensure that our services and operations, where they have an impact on the local, regional and global environment, are mitigated for the protection of the environment.


“It was great to see many people from the airport community meet and engage with our Sustainability team and learn about our ongoing environmental plans to mitigate the Airport’s impact on the environment. This includes how we reduce the carbon footprint and single use plastics, keep our watercourses clean, minimise noise pollution and improve our recycling efforts.


“On a site that supports jobs for 8000 people, we want to inform them of the work we’re doing to reduce our impact and to show them ways to live more consciously - both at work and at home - to make a cleaner and safer environment.”


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