Birmingham Airport is celebrating International Men’s Day today, with a series of activities running across the airport based on the official theme of “Making a difference for men and boys.”


This year’s #internationalmensday is about men leading by example, highlighting the positive value they bring to the world, their families and local communities.


To celebrate men’s achievements, Birmingham Airport reached out to some of its most inspiring male employees to share the reasons why International Men’s Day is important to them. A series of videos have been captured and shared across the airport’s social media channels, showcasing achievements made by men throughout the business.


Stuart Haseley-Nejrup, Head of Customer Experience at Birmingham Airport has worked within aviation for 10 years. Originally from the West Midlands, aged 36, Stuart has been married to his husband for four years, and has two children.


Stuart started his career in the travel industry, working on cruise ships. He then secured several roles with easyJet in 2010, where he worked with the airline for seven years as Cabin Crew and Cabin Manager right through to Customer Experience and Standards Manager. Following this, Stuart worked for Gate Group in 2017 as Head of Crew Training and Engagement, looking after 26 airlines across the world.


Since April 2018, Stuart has worked in his current role as Head of Customer Experience and has shared why International Men’s Day is important to him, along with some advice to other men wanting to start a career within aviation. Stuart commented: “International Men’s Day is important for so many reasons, but for me, it’s a day to highlight and remind men and boys from all backgrounds, that it is ok to speak out, to be there for someone and to listen. Giving up your time to a fellow colleague can truly be life changing.


“When it comes to your career, don’t fear taking side steps. The breadth of your knowledge especially in the early years is important and can really help with finding your niche. Be a people person - invest in people, take the time to get to know your team and those who work around.  Take risks, believe in yourself and learn as much as you can along the way!


“At Birmingham Airport, we are proud to recognise our men, whether they are inspiring sons, fathers or colleagues – each and every one of them is important.”


International Men’s Day branded cupcakes were also shared with employees across the offices and terminal to celebrate the day.



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