easyJet launches first flights on new domestic routes from Birmingham for the summer

  •  New flights from Birmingham to Newquay and Jersey took off over weekend for the first time
  • Seats are available to book for this summer with great value fares starting from £22.99*
  • The airline is providing more flexibility for flights than ever before through its Protection Promise, including fee free flight changes to any date or destination up to 2 hours before departure

easyJet has recently launched the first flights on two new domestic summer routes from Birmingham, providing customers in the Midlands with more opportunity to reconnect with friends and family across the country or book a long-awaited break.

The first flight from Birmingham Airport to Newquay took off for the first time on Saturday 10 July and to Jersey airport on Sunday 11 July. Flights on both routes are now operating up to twice a week, with flights to Newquay on Tuesdays and Saturdays and flights to Jersey on Wednesdays and Sundays.

Both Jersey and Newquay offer miles of scenic coastline which makes them both ideal destinations for travellers wishing to relax and recharge, all while discovering some of the UK's best beaches.

All customers booking flights with easyJet benefit from some of the most flexible policies under its ‘Protection Promise’ which means that customers can book with the confidence that if their plans change, so can their booking. 

Ali Gayward, easyJet’s UK Country Manager, said:

"We are delighted to have launched our first flights from Birmingham to Newquay and Jersey for the summer. We know our customers can’t wait to be reunited with friends and family or explore more of the UK so these new routes will  prove popular for customers in both Birmingham, Jersey and the South West and this further strengthens our UK domestic network, providing customers with great value fares and even more choice this summer."   

Tom Screen, Aviation Director of Birmingham Airport commented:

“It is great to see easyJet launch these two domestic routes this weekend to Newquay and Jersey from Birmingham Airport.  This popular seaside destination of Newquay is a short flight away and is a firm favourite for Midlanders. We also see the launch of easyJet’s Jersey service. Jersey a popular destination for beach lovers, with stunning scenery and famous for its food that will delight all. 

“Booking with easyJet, and travelling through Birmingham Airport, means that customers have the confidence of great customer service but the reassurance of a Covid-19 safe and secure environment.”

All customers booking flights with easyJet benefit from industry leading flexible booking policies under its ‘Protection Promise’ which means that customers can book now with confidence that if their plans change, so can their booking. 

All easyJet customers will now be able to change their flights this summer without a change fee at any time up to two hours before departure, providing even more last-minute flexibility. Unlike other airlines, there are no restrictions on dates or destination; customers can transfer to any flights currently on sale up to the end of September 2022, and to any other destination on the airline’s network which spans 35 countries across Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. This means that if some travel restrictions are impacting their destination country, such as self-isolation in destination or on return to the UK, customers can easily change their trip to another country on easyJet’s network. Plus, should a mandatory hotel quarantine impact a customer’s travel destination this summer, customers can now request a refund for their flight within four weeks before departure if the restriction is still in place, even if their flights are still operating.

The safety and wellbeing of all customers and crew remains easyJet’s highest priority and the airline continues to have a number of biological safety measures in place onboard in line with guidance from the relevant authorities. This includes daily enhanced cabin disinfection effective in protecting against coronavirus for at least 24 hours and mandatory mask wearing for customers and crew. All easyJet aircraft are already fitted with HEPA filters, similar to those used in hospitals, which filter 99.97% of airborne contaminants in the cabin, including viruses and bacteria.

For more information and to book visit easyJet.com.

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