Customers can expect different walking routes and queuing spaces at Birmingham Airport (BHX) this summer - as work to build its new, state-of-the-art security screening area continues.

The new ‘next generation’ security facility is on course to be operational by June 2024. Until then the existing pre-flight security area remains in use - as do existing security guidelines, including removing liquids and large electrical items from hand luggage.

Nick Barton, chief executive of BHX, said: “Imagine a football stadium having its stands rebuilt and its pitch re-laid while continuing to stage matches … that’s rather like what we’re doing at Birmingham Airport right now.

“Customers will see construction outside the terminal and various areas cordoned off. Walking routes and queuing spaces, including on the ground floor, will change this summer as work progresses. Our wayfinding and other signage will change too - and, of course, our friendly staff will be on hand to help customers stay on the move.”

He added: “Our new security area is a major investment which will make things quicker and easier for customers. And the improved efficiency it delivers will help grow our annual customer numbers from 12m to 18m by 2033, in turn helping boost economic growth across the West Midlands region.”

Customers travelling this Easter and this summer are reminded to:

  • Arrive at the airport in good time, at least two hours before your flight, and in line with your airline’s advice.
  • Help us help you move swiftly through the terminal by preparing yourself and your hand luggage for the pre-flight security scanners:
    • Remove laptops, tablets, kindles and other large electric items from bags
    • Remove all liquids removed from bags and place them into a 20cm-by-20cm resealable clear plastic pouch before going through security.
    • Items over 100ml cannot travel as hand luggage.
    • Remove belts, large items of jewellery, jackets and boots
    • Spread your items in the tray so none are overlapping
    • Be clear what a liquid is. Suncream, shampoo, lip balm, Vaseline, mouthwash, hand sanitiser, moisturiser, toothpaste, vapes, lighters - all liquids.
  • Expect different walking routes through as the new BHX security area is built.

UK Government requires all airports to be compliant with new standards by 1 June 2024, which is the completion deadline for BHX’s security hall upgrade - a total investment of up to £40m. 

BHX’s Next-Generation Security (NGS) system will deliver a speedier and simpler pre-flight screening process capable of serving significantly more customer per hour at peak times. 

The new and improved security screening area supports growth in customer volumes, as published in the airport’s 2018 Master Plan, from 12m a year (pre-pandemic) to 18m a year by 2033. 

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