Regular Birmingham Airport (BHX) customers will notice big changes to the terminal as construction of its new security hall progresses.

With upstairs queuing space reducing due to the £40m project, BHX has moved its car hire counters to one of its car parks to create alternative queueing areas downstairs.  

Its ‘assisted travel’ facility has also been moved to a new location downstairs, and wayfinding signs are up to show customers where to go.  

More changes to walking routes will take place throughout this year as the terminal is reconfigured to accommodate its state-of-the-art security screening area, set to be operational by June 2024.  

Until the new security facility opens, BHX's existing pre-flight security screening area remains in use, along with existing air travel rules for customers, notably removing large electric items and liquids from hand luggage at the x-ray loading position 

Al Titterington, terminal operations director for BHX, said: “Keeping our airport running while this major construction project takes place is rather like a sports stadium continuing to stage fixtures while relaying the pitch.   

“With space constrained as we build our new security hall, customers are going to find themselves queueing in unfamiliar areas of the terminal, including downstairs rather than upstairs.  

“We are marking new walking routes with wayfinding signage, which will be updated as  construction progresses. Our friendly customer experience staff will always be on hand to help.”  

Al added: “Until the new security is operational in June 2024, existing air travel rules still apply, including removing large electrical items and liquids from hand luggage at the x-ray loading position.”  

Key advice to BHX customers is:   

  • Remove large electrical items and liquids removed from bags at the security scanners.   
  • Laptops, tablets and other large electric items removed from bags.
  • All liquids removed from bags and need to be less than 100ml. 
  • Belts, large items of jewellery, jackets and boots must be removed.  
  • Place your items in a tray with space around them.
  • Do not pile items on top of each other.  
  • Use as many trays as you need.      
  • Arrive at BHX at least two hours before your flight departure time - in line with your airline’s advice.  

As well as a more efficient security facility which will process more customers more quickly, a new roof is being fitted over the north side of the terminal. The new roof, which will let in more natural light, will be fitted with solar panels providing power to help run the new security scanners.  

Another improvement included in the project is the installation, at the front of the terminal, of four 50-person lifts. These will replace four existing escalators, freeing up space downstairs and upstairs.  

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