Public Transport Changes

TfWM advice

TfWM are advising to only use public transport if you have no other travel options. This helps to keep public transport services safe and available for those who need them most. Walk, cycle or drive if you can and when making essential journeys, stay apart. Do not crowd at doorways to get on board. Do not sit next to others where possible. Use mobile, smartcard or contactless payments. Social distancing is important to keep both passengers and staff safe.

Bus, train and tram services are reduced. Changes to timetables were made on Monday 18 May to bring more services back in to use, however, capacity will still be limited.

The video below advises how you can adhere to social distancing whilst travelling on the TfWM public transport network:

There will be free travel on bus and tram services for NHS staff in the West Midlands by showing your ID card from Friday 3rd April. Further information on this can be found here

West Midlands Railway advice

As the country slowly changes its lockdown measures, West Midlands Railway are asking you to only travel by train if your journey is necessary to help keep services for essential workers.

They will be running the longest trains and the most frequent service they possibly can, but the current social distancing rules mean there are far fewer places for passengers than normal.

If you have no alternative, then please read their travel guidelines which will help you understand how you need to prepare before you set off including: wear a face covering, carry hand sanitiser and wash your hands before/after your travel.

Please remember – all train times and service frequency have changed, we need you to plan ahead and buy online and avoid busier times if you can.

Read their helpful travel guidelines here


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