Uniformed Operations

Much of the work undertaken by the uniformed officers at Birmingham Airport is the same as that carried out in towns and cities – with a few duties that are unique to airport policing. We operate 24/7 and our primary role is the safety and security of everyone on site; this can be anything from locating a lost child to dealing with a major threat to an aircraft.

You will notice that some of our officers patrolling the main passenger concourse areas are armed. This is to provide additional security for a busy, high-profile location. These officers are highly trained and here for your protection. We work closely with our Border Force partners and have a dedicated neighbourhood officer that liaises with the commercial organisations that are based within the airport such as the shops and cafes. And not forgetting colleagues at the freight terminal too.

If you need the assistance of a police officer while you are at Birmingham Airport, any airport official will be able to help call us to your location. But in an emergency, call 999 and we will be alerted immediately. Alternatively if the matter is not urgent, call 101 or email the Airport Police Unit: [email protected]

You can find more information at following websites.



If you have any questions on the role of Counter Terrorism Officers at Birmingham Airport, please contact the department on: [email protected] 


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