Lost Property


Missing, delayed or lost baggage

Please contact Arvin Aviation 0121 767 7771 or www.arvinaviation.com

Damaged baggage

Please contact Arvin Aviation 0121 767 7771 or www.arvinaviation.com

Other lost items

For any items left on the plane or at the airport please contact Luggage-Point

Luggage-Point is committed to reuniting passengers with lost items. If you have lost something, you can search our lost property database in real-time at www.airport-lostproperty.com

If your item(s) are found, you will need to provide identification in the form of a passport or photographic driving license and a repatriation fee will apply. All lost property will be tagged, dated and held for a period of three calendar months. Shipping of identified items can be arranged, subject to any applicable shipping costs.

Luggage-Point handle lost property for items left in the airport terminal or left in the cabin of aircraft (with the exception of United Airlines, PIA and Turkish Airlines). 

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