After You Travel

Welcome back! We hope you had a lovely time. Read on for all the information on getting home quickly.

Getting off the plane

Each airline’s handling agents are responsible for getting you (and your bags) off the plane, either via bus or an air bridge. Pushchairs are available to hire on the arrivals pier to help you get to baggage reclaim where you can collect your own.

Toilets are located along the arrivals pier before immigration. Smoking is not allowed – including e-cigarettes – until you are back landside, outside of the terminal building.


Have your passport and the correct landing cards ready to help speed up your immigration process. If you are 12 years or older and have an EU passport with a chip, you can use the electronic immigration gates.

The Border Force website houses useful information about travelling through the border including advice on how you can prepare yourself so that you’re processed as quickly as possible. Click here to read the guide.

Click here for more answers to FAQs on the immigration process.

ePassport gates

Baggage reclaim, lost baggage and customs

Check the information boards for your flight’s carousel number. Oversize luggage and pushchairs will be delivered to carousel 1.

All baggage handling is managed by airline agents at the airport. The size of the aircraft determines how long it takes to return your baggage. Signage around the baggage reclaim hall will advise you on average baggage delivery times depending on your aircraft size.

It is your airline's responsibility to manage the delivery of your baggage. If your luggage has been misplaced and your airline has provided you with a world tracer number, please click here to track your luggage.

In the event of lost or damaged baggage, see details of who to contact here.

Once you have your luggage, make your way to customs. For tips on getting through customs smoothly, click here.

Don’t forget that the World Duty Free Arrivals Store is on your way out, stocking lots of gifts perfect for  your neighbour who fed the cat or your kind relative who is picking you up. Or a treat to perk yourself up if you have the ‘post-holiday blues’!

Parking and collections

Try to remember which specific car park your car is in. If you need a free transfer bus to that car park, you can get one from the bus stops outside the front of the terminal building.

If you’re being picked up, click here for information on the best car parks for picking up passengers. Please do not arrange for your driver to pick you up from the Premium Set Down car park as this is for rapid dropping off only. 

If you have any problems on your return home, a full list of useful contact numbers is available here.

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