Christmas Travel FAQs

Christmas Travel FAQs


Christmas is one of the busiest times of year for travelling, with many of us making trips by road, rail and air. It’s also one of the happiest times of year for travelling, as everyone is visiting loved ones, going home for the holidays or escaping the British winter for somewhere sunny. 

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Don’t let your Christmas spirit be spoiled by transport woes – get your holiday prep sorted ahead of schedule to avoid any unwanted stress. Use our list of Christmas travel FAQs to help ensure your trip goes smoothly.

Getting to the Airport


What are some useful tips for travelling by air at Christmas?

As thousands of us will be travelling during this popular holiday season, it’s crucial to allow yourself extra time to get to the airport. Roads and trains will be busy. Having extra time to get through the airport once you’ve arrived is also a good idea. Keep an eye on the arrivals and departures information for the latest flight updates, in case of any changes to your flight. Plan ahead – being organised and prepared for your trip will make it as stress-free and enjoyable as possible!

Car Park

Do you have airport parking and how can I book it?

If you are travelling by car, make sure to pre-book well in advance to ensure you get a space and a cheaper rate. We have a choice of on-site car parks to suit your travel needs and budget, which can be booked online.


I’ll be getting to the airport by train – what do you suggest?

Make sure to check the train timetables over the festive period for any planned engineering work taking place. Trains do not run on Christmas Day and many services do not operate on Boxing Day either, including Virgin. Remember to buy your ticket in advance, as there are likely to be queues at the ticket office on the day. Not only will this ensure you are organised and ready to go, but booking early will also significantly reduce the cost of your fare.


I’ll be getting to the airport by car – what do you suggest?

It’s always a good idea to do a winter check on your car before travelling to avoid any problems once you’ve set off. Check the travel news prior to leaving, in case of any road works, road closures, accidents or major queues. If you want to be super organised, plan a back up route! Take a sat nav or map with you, in case you need to make any last minute diversions. Last but not least, make sure to stock up on water and snacks, and bring what you need to make your journey comfy – a travel pillow, blanket, and of course, some sing-along tunes. Make it festive to get you in the mood for your Christmas getaway!

Packing Christmas items


Can I take wrapped presents in my hand luggage?

Security officers may need to check your hand luggage and wrapped presents may need to be unwrapped to carry out secondary screening. To remove this risk, if you want to take wrapped presents, it’s best to store them in your hold luggage.

Party Popper

Can I take party poppers in my hold luggage?

No. Unfortunately, party poppers cannot be carried in either your hand or hold luggage.


Can I take Christmas crackers with me?

Homemade crackers are never allowed on airlines, but store-bought ones may be. This usually depends on the airline you are flying with, so check online before you are due to fly. As long as your airline permits carriage, and the contents of your crackers do not contain liquid items or sharp implements, then you can take a box of crackers within your hand luggage.

Snow Globe

Can I take snow globes in my hand luggage?

As snow globes generally come without a measurement marker, it’s better to store them away in your hold luggage, just in case the liquid exceeds the 100ml capacity.


Can I take a frozen turkey or ham with me?

Yes, you can take these with you, but it is advised that all food and powders should be packed into hold baggage where possible. Make sure that there aren't any juices leaking from the meat. Remember to check whether your destination country has any restrictions on meat products and if in doubt, check with your airline.

Christmas shopping at the airport

Gift Wrapping

Is there somewhere to get gifts wrapped at the airport?

Although we do not have a special kiosk for this purpose, there are certain stores that offer gift-wrapping, such as Accessorize and some of the brands within World Duty Free.

Christmas Shoppers

Do stores at Birmingham Airport have any Christmas deals or offers?

Yes, many of our stores are selling airport exclusives or have special offers to make your Christmas shopping that bit brighter! 

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