Easter weekend marks the opening of a new security entrance

Birmingham Airport has opened its new security entrance area as more than 130,000 passengers will travel through the terminal over the Easter weekend.

Good Friday will be the busiest day over the long weekend, with an estimated 35,300 people expected to fly in or out of the airport to visit loved ones, explore a new city or relax in the sun.

Departing passengers taking off from Birmingham on Thursday 29th March were the first to benefit from the new security entrance, just one of the terminal projects made by the airport to improve the customer journey. 

The first lucky passengers to pass through ‘phase one’ of the newly created security entrance were the Kumar family from Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham, who flew off to Brisbane for a family wedding. They were treated to a lunch at the brand new Bottega prosecco bar within the departure lounge. 

The new security area provides passengers with a bright and airy environment for customers as they prepare and enter the search area. A new route has been created through to the central search zone, with new flooring, lighting, preparation area and messaging to help customers prepare for security.

The next phase, opening later in April, includes additional boarding card gates and express lane machines in time for the peak season, when the airport will welcome millions of people through its doors.

Half a million people will be using Birmingham Airport over the fortnight Easter holiday period, with Tuesday 3rd April expected to be the busiest day over the two-weeks, with 36,200 passengers departing and arriving. The top destinations overall will be Dublin, Dubai, Amsterdam, Paris, Alicante, Malaga, Frankfurt, Palma , Barcelona and Tenerife.

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