Starting on 13th May, Birmingham Airport took part in UK Airports Safety Week, a national event held in conjunction with the Airport Operators Association (AOA), and supported by the Civil Aviation Authority.

To support the week of activities, Birmingham Airport kicked off a range of activities and safety demonstrations to raise awareness of aviation safety and the importance it has all year round.

Employees from across the airport site were encouraged to participate in the events taking place over the course of the week. The activity started with a series of presentations from Jason Anker, a former construction worker who became paralysed from the waist down due to an avoidable accident. His message to employees was to think twice to avoid any unnecessary accidents to individuals and their wider teams.

A safety and samosas event was also held where employees and wider airport stakeholders were tasked with answering health and safety and compliance quizzes. Prizes were up for grabs for those who answered correctly, along with a samosa for their efforts, with a staggering 500 samosas eaten on the day. To raise awareness of mental health awareness week, information was also provided to employees on where they could go for support.

The airport police dogs made a visit to the Birmingham Airport offices and terminal building where they were being trained to take part in Project Servator - the name given to unpredictable, highly visible police deployments.

The week of activities ended with a local visit a local school where children got the chance to learn about safety with the Airport’s partner organisations. West Midlands Police officers, the Airport’s own safety team and fire service were on hand with demonstrations to interact with the children.

Nick Barton, CEO of Birmingham Airport said: “Safety is our number one priority here at Birmingham Airport, and after the success of the Airports Safety Week last year, it was important we continued to demonstrate our commitment to safety by taking part again this year.

“UK Airports Safety Week was not only significant in highlighting why personal safety is imperative, but also why the safety of others is important, especially when working within aviation. Our roles across the airport have many touchpoints, whether we are talking about our employees out on the airfield, or those who are based in the offices, we all have a part to play in keeping each other and our working environment safe.”

The overall week hosted a wide range of additional activities including safety displays of ground servicing equipment including how a de-icing rig works as well as events including the senior executive team who were tasked by the Fire Service team with ‘getting their kit on’ as quick as possible.

For more information on the UK Airports Safety Week activity held at Birmingham Airport please watch:

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