A colony of bees discovered on an aircraft stand at Birmingham Airport was being moved to safety today - World Bee Day.

The bees’ nest was found by airport staff in a concrete nook on the outside aircraft stand 41, off the main terminal building at the Midlands transport hub.

Early today expert apiarists located the nest’s queen bee, gently moved her into a box and set about the task of carefully coaxing the rest of the bees to join her. The BHX bees are being transported to a new home in some woods at nearby Meriden.

Tom Denton, Birmingham Airport’s head of sustainability, said: “Bees are wonderful creatures which do a vital job - pollinating. Without them we wouldn't have potatoes, strawberries, coffee, cotton or chocolate.

“But a busy airport is not the ideal home for bees, which is why we’re gathering them up and transporting them to more suitable spot. We wish them well in their new home.”

He added: “It was only after discovering these bees we realised today was World Bee Day. Un-bee-lievable timing.”

The purpose of World Bee Day is to celebrate the importance of bees.

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